Medieval Madness touch-up examples using acrylic paint

Please click on the pictures below to get a closer look at my high-res images. The pictures will show the original area with damage followed by the repaired area.


Here is one of two shots that I have of the "before" picture of the ball launch area.
Here is the second picture. Hopefully you can see that there was damage to the left skull, the right shield, and a couple of spots in the orange.
Here we have a picture of the area cleaned up. I fixed the skull, the orange, the black around the right shield and some of the purple. The purple around the left skull was hard and didn't match too well. It is nothing that will be seen by even the trained eye considering where it is located.
Here you can clearly see the Knight has a couple of spots of damage that went to the wood. I didn't want to mess with finding a decal so I decided to tackle him also. It was very difficult to match the different colors in the blue and even the darker "shading" of yellow.
Here is the final outcome. You can see, if you zoom in, that I had to re-create the entire section by hand by drawing very carefully with a fine-tipped brush. I also put my piece of transparency in the picture to show you how I mix colors while looking through it to see how close I am to matching the color I want. Since acrylic paint dries darker, I try to leave the paint lighter so that when it dries , it will hopefully match.

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