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My Medieval Madness arrives dirty and smelling like smoke! Here is my Medieval
Madness after it was
shopped out and clean!


This mod ads two LED's under the catapult plastic where the designers sorely needed light.
Medieval Madness shop-out
pictures to help those who have
forgotten where a part goes or
have lost their pictures!


Pictures of my
touch-ups on the
Medieval Madness
A "how-to" on how I built the
"Flickering Candle" mod for my MM.
Complete  Medieval Madness
Castle repaint to enhance
the beauty of this game.
Click here to see a link to Medieval Madness plastic scans by Edward Cheung!


Here I show you how I
installed LEDs in
the skulls of the castle.
I made a video of  the
"Flickering LED Circuit"
I put in the tower. It made it look lit by a flickering candle like in the old times.


  Click on the Dragon above to see how I modified my Dragon to have green eyes and a fiery mouth!



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