Welcome to my Creature from the Black Lagoon Webpage!!

I will attempt to show you the following:

Un-shopped pictures of my CFTBL when it came in.
Pictures showing sections of the game as I cleaned them.
Mods I did to my ramps and bowl with green LEDs.
Mod I did to upgrade my hologram lamp.
My custom project to add LEDs to my Creech's pop-bumpers.
Lastly, extensive mods adding LEDs to the DMD panel for taillights, moon, sign (sequencing action), and UFO

Check out my Youtube video of the final test of all my mods (Pop bumpers, ramp lights, DMD mods etc)
Check my links below to learn how you can do them too!

First, we will start with my attempt to help those poor people out who have lost their shopout pictures. It's terrible to hear of someone erasing their memory card or them having a hard drive crash, and losing all of their detailed shop-out pictures. I know how hard it can be to put these together WITH pictures! Therefore, click on the link below to see a photo-gallery of the pictures I took before I cleaned my game up.

Initial dirty pictures to aid in putting Creech back together.


This next link will take you to a set of pictures that I took as I was cleaning the game. You will see pictures at various stages of cleaning. You will also see a few pictures of parts that I had re-built during the cleaning process as well as a few pictures showing miscellaneous parts being changed to a more pleasing color.

Photos showing stages of cleaning as well as a few pictures of parts
 I rebuilt and a few miscellaneous color changes.


In this next section, I show my process of changing over my ramp and bowl lamps from clear to green! Click on the  image below to see a movie I made showing the new modded lamps.

Photos and a movie showing my conversion of my ramp and bowl
lamps from clear to green.

This next section covers my upgrade of the hologram lamp. Martin at Pinbits has a great Halogen lamp upgrade that really makes the Creature come to life! Click on the image below to view my discussion and pictures illustrating the modification of the hologram lamp. You will find tips on how to upgrade the lamp and a video showing the results of the modification.

Discussion, pictures, and movie of my hologram lamp upgrade.

My first major modification of my Creature was the pop bumpers.Click on the image below to see how I designed my own version of the pop bumper mod that not only places LEDs inside the pop-bumpers, but allows them to activate whenever the ball hits the pop-bumpers! You will also find a short video at the end that shows the LEDs installed in the game and the colorful effect when the pinball strikes the pop-bumpers.

Discussion, photos, and movie of my pop-bumper mod
to put LEDs inside the pop-bumpers.

Finally, the biggest mod I have done thus far, even surpassing the "Flickering Castle" mod on my Medieval Madness, is the DMD panel modifications I did on my Creature. I modded the taillights, flying saucer, moon, and built a cycling LED circuit that illuminates the letters of the STARDUST sign! I also re-painted the metal speaker mesh to freshen up the screened images! Click the picture below to get started!


Total write-up on my extensive Creature DMD mods.

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